One and a half

Lily was 18 months to the day when the girls were born.   I told her every day that there were babies in mummy’s tummy but never imaged she had a clue what I was talking about… Who knows what sank in, and to be honest what did it matter as when her sisters arrived they weren’t going back!

Lily has been obsessed since the moment she saw them. Now I can’t guarantee that isn’t the ridiculous amount of chocolate (bribes) she consumed or constant PFP on TV that’s come hand in hand with her sisters arrival but she thinks they are pretty amazing.

One thing I did maintain on coming home was that they were her babies and she helps me to look after them, which she really does!

There have only been a few incidents  –

Don’t ask your toddler to fetch the sudocreme… One corner of our bedroom quickly became sticky white mess.  It was ALL over her, that shit is SERIOUSLY hard to get out.  Like a white oil slick.

Don’t leave them unattended for 1 second.  Always take the toddler with you. I know it sounds ridiculously obvious but when all is harmony you think, “it’ll only take a second to pee”… DON’T DO IT.  Gracie ened up with a whole box of sophia the first Duplo on top of her.  Poor thing

If I had 1 instagram follower for every time I said “Gently Lily”  well, Selena Gomez would not be top dog (119M – WTF)

I would say for all the hassle it’s worth getting your toddler to help, they LOVE being mummies little helper and it makes them feel like they are important.

We came home from an outing recently and the girls were desperate for a bottle. As I prepared them as fast as I could Lily had found their dummies and was putting them in their mouths to calm them down, she’s not even 2!! heart melting.

Now all I need to do is teach her how to run me a bath and crack open the champers…

How much help can a one and a half year old be?

Honestly pretty helpful actually!


Adjustment essentials – (depending on age but obviously based on 2 or under)

  • Trolls – That horrific new DreamWorks, it’s like crack for toddlers (actually I sort of love it)
  • Snacks in abundance – The good shit, not apples.  I am Lily’s snack bitch
  • TV – Don’t feel guilty. During the first 2/3 months its a constant necessity and won’t last forever
  • Wrapped presents, books and toys so when people visit you and the new baby your oldest won’t feel left out.
  • A doll and dolls pram in preparation, they like to copy EVERYTHING you do.
  • Mention their new brother or sister ALL the time before they arrive.
  • Ice cream

The Weekend…

Who doesn’t love the weekend?  You’ve worked your arse off all week and you are ready to put your feet up, have some fun (drink) and chill out.


vvcdccccxcccxhd`b u 7uu uy u jjyjjj – Lily’s contribution,  left the room for a second, I’m surprised this was the only damage done.

Well if you have 3 tiny children you will REGRET trying to chill out for the smallest second, trust me… Just don’t do it, your day will go to absolute shit!  Now don’t get me wrong I love these tiny girls so fiercely but that doesn’t mean everything has to be picture perfect (Although sometimes instagram would appear otherwise).

Chris and I barely exchange a word at the weekends, one of us has Lily and the other gets the little ones.  Sometimes our team work would put Bonnie and Clyde to shame, other times… I won’t go into it but I’ve definitely thrown a dirty nappy at him!  Yes, it can push you to your absolute limits.  Weekends are obviously going to change when you have children unless your one of those people who’s child/children WILL fit into YOUR life (lololololfuckinglol)

When we had just Lily we could still saunter round Soho Farmhouse pretending not to check out all the famous people (or in my case pretending I was famous) while sipping on my amaretto sour. Now – NO bloody chance.

Of course when the babies are older I know things will change and instead of staying at home and running round the garden (thank god for the garden) we will be able to venture out, but it’s important as parents of new babies not put pressure on yourself.  Its so easy in the age of social media to believe that you are the odd one out and not coping as well as others.  No one said having a baby was easy.  NO ONE.  (I refer to my last blog, twin parents are just another level hard core, haha)

Even trying to eat a family meal at home can be testing, of course the babies WILL wake up as soon as it’s ready.  We came to the conclusion at 8 weeks to have zero expectations at the weekend, if we make it to the park all together that is a huge achievement in our book (that’s happened 4 times…!!!)

There are also the Dads to consider from another point of view.   In my husbands case having worked a very hard week in London (we both maintain I work the hardest, he’s not one of “those”) also has grand visions of the weekend.  A few beers with mates, watching a bit of rugby or a nice civilised family outing (lololololfuckinglol) Well tough, you just can’t.  There isn’t a huge amount to say on the matter other than it can be frustrating.

We tend to call in as much help as possible at the weekend (my friend Genie – AKA Mary Poppins) and Chris’s mum and stepdad luckily live only 10 minutes away.  Thats another must with twins, accept any help offered! I palm off a baby to anyone that steps foot in the house just so I can brush my teeth.

There are of course moments of calm (chocolate and trolls) and all the little ones are smiling and it makes it all WORTH it.  I wouldn’t change it for the world… but sometimes I would like to drink my champagne in peace.

Side notes

  • This is from the view point of 3 babies (obviously) I’ve not had just 2 but imagine its a piece of piss… (haha – joke(ish))
  • In case there is any doubt just because it’s HARD doesn’t mean I don’t absolutely LOVE it.
  • I am SO lucky